Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So this is how it all starts....

My hope for this blog is that it evolves and becomes a place of reference and exchange revolving around the topic of vermicomposting. We at Worm Power have successfully operated a large scale commercial vermicomposting operation for well over 5 years now and continue to grow. We definitely don't have all the answers (as our list of questions grows by the day) but we do have a tremendous amount of hands on experience and scientific backing to contribute to this field.


  1. Great to join this blog with people with a project that has this technology level and experience.
    I'm a beginner in the world of vermicomposting, just building my facilities in Colombia (not as bigger as yours), but i want to ask you about the experience you have had with plague like land planarians and how to get around of it?.
    thanks in advance

  2. Hi Jaun, fortunately we have never had a problem with Land Planarians (after a little bit of web search - I’m very glad we have not had an encounter with them). It looks like they are not too prevalent in our area. Our beds are rarely the target of unwanted species (thankfully). Keep the questions coming. Do you have any pictures of your operation?

  3. Hi !
    I have interest in vermicomposting. I hope I can learn a lot from this blog and get advice from the experts.